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    Silverado EV vs Ford-150 Lightning

    Do you like the body type of the Avalanche?
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    Never formally welcomed you to the site! So welcome 👋
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    Delayed Silverado EV Release??

    Yep. Don’t need to go all iRobot on us! 😝
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    Delayed Silverado EV Release??

    Good question. I can't imagine too many people would be thrilled with the look of the Silverado EV going to the Avalancheish body style. My personal preference is what Ford has done to the Lightning. Keep it simple and obviously people love the Ford body style
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    Delayed Silverado EV Release??

    I’m interested in seeing what GMC’s EV truck is going to look like. Rumor has it it will look more like the current body styles opposed to Silverados Avalanche look.
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    Delayed Silverado EV Release??

    I put in my $100 deposit for one the day of the Super Bowl when they had the ad for them with Dr. Evil cast 😜
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    Delayed Silverado EV Release??

    The trend nowadays has been who's coming out with the next electric vehicle?? As we know about Silverado's EV release that is supposed to be in the summer of 2024 may now be pushed back another year to 2025. General Motors may not be able to keep up with the demand due to offering too many new...
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    Silverado EV vs Ford-150 Lightning

    Pretty cool article on the comparison between the 2 top pickup manufactures in the US. My guess was that they would be pretty similar in everything since they are with their fuel pickups. Sure enough, this article writer said just that- both are very comparable! Who Wins? Chevy Silverado EV...
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    Silverado Ev's Now Available to Reserve

    The reason I think the Silverado will be top notch is bc GM can use what is good and bad with the Lightning and Rivian and then make adjustments accordingly. Hopefully they change some of the body style ti not look like the Avalanche so much
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    Silverado Ev's Now Available to Reserve

    Yep. Hopefully it’s before the 2024 projected date. You getting on board too?
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    Silverado EV Up Close on Silverado Website

    This link on the Silverado website allows one to view the EV from multiple angles (Interior and exterior)
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    Silverado Ev's Now Available to Reserve

    The time has finally come to be able to reserve the 2024 Silverado EV. They are taking reservations on the GM website. Just like the Ford Lightning, GM is only requiring a refundable $100 deposit. Here is the link to the reservation-...
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    GM Super Bowl Commercial Featuring the Siverado EV

    Love how they brought back the case of Austin Powers. The only bad part is they really didn't show much of the Siverado EV.
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    Silverado EV Trim Levels

    If one has been following the Chevrolet EV progress, they know there are at least 3 different trims to choose from- WT (WT Fleet), RST (RST First Edition) and Trail Boss. The question is, will tere is other models available?? Chevy has not confirmed specific trims, but they do say there are...
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    2024 Silverado EV Specs, Pricing and Estimated Release Dates (and More!)

    Chevy Silverado EV is the one of the latest EV trucks to enter the industry. At the CES 2022, Chevrolet displayed the all new 2024 Silverado EV. The EV is wanting in the market to compete with the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford 1-50 Lightning and the Rivian R1T. In an official press release...
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    Silverado EV vs. GMC Hummer EV. Differences, Similarities, Pros and Cons,expected%20to%20follow%20shortly%20thereafter.
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    $7 Billion invested into GM's EV Industry

    GM Accelerates its Drive to Lead the EV Industry with $7 Billion Investment in Michigan, Creating 4,000 New Jobs and Retaining 1,000 Orion Assembly to become the 2nd U.S. plant building Chevrolet Silverado EV and electric GMC Sierra By the end of 2025, GM to have more than 1 million units of...
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    GM targets building 600,000 electric pickups a year

    GM targets building 600,000 electric pickups a year with historic Mich. investment GM is committing nearly $7 billion, the single largest investment in its history, to EVs and other projects in Michigan. Via Automotive News January 25, 2022 General Motors is committing nearly $7 billion --...